The definitive guide to Managing the Numbers
The definitive guide to Managing the Numbers
The definitive guide to Managing the NumbersThe definitive guide to Managing the Numbers

Managing The Numbers – Features

Managing the numbers is packed with design features which will help you to get the most out of it. Each chapter contains a Chapter Survival Guide with the following features:

  • Overview – a brief summary of what is in the chapter
  • Prerequisites – a note of which chapters you need to have read in order to get the most of the current one
  • Mastering xxx (eg, mastering balance sheets, mastering forecasting) – a checklist of ten questions for managers. Test yourself before and after you have read the chapter. When you can answer the questions with confidence you will be ready to walk with financial giants.
  • Jargon Watch – a list of buzzwords that you will meet in the chapter, identified as new or already encountered. The words are defined when first met in the text and also in the glossary (See The finance director’s language).

Near the end of each chapter you will find a list of Ten hard questions to ask or be asked. These are the questions that will allow you to show your stuff – that will help you prove that you know what to look for. If you are in the spotlight, knowing in advance the answers to these questions will keep you out of hot water.

There is a set of worked examples running through the chapters, which will assist with your understanding of how to draw up your own forecasts, financial statements and budgets. And there are completed examples to help you understand how to analyse and interpret other peoples figures. In addition, the examples are available for download on this web site download so that you can experiment for yourself.

Managing the Numbers contains many other checklists, tables and illustrations.

The Definitive Guide to Managing the Numbers